Wild Atlantic Weekend
Malin, The Village Green

1pm – 5.30pm each day – €5 per show

Ballet Poulet Presented by Fanzini
Two world class Olympian-level idiots bring to you their latest masterpiece. She has prepared a poetic, delicate and tender ballet. He has prepared a bad ass display of mayhem. She loves dancing, he loves chickens. Nut-cracking and Swan Faking their way into your lives, these two will make you really question which came first…her tutu or his toupée?

Manny Man’s History of Ireland On Stage
Based on his series of books and YouTube videos, John D Ruddy brings Manny Man and the History of Ireland to the stage. Watch Syn and Oppy as they plough through Irish history with illustrated cut-outs and craziness!
When it comes to fun history, Manny Man is your only man!

Foyle Punt
Bunbeg, Bunbeg Pier
8pm – €15/€12

A new co-commissioned site-specific theatre piece by Earagail Arts Festival and the team who made She Knit The Roof and Destination Donut, Foyle Punt is the first project of The Local Group, a new company making unique performance projects in off-the-grid locations, bringing the best theatre and interdisciplinary performance to underserved communities in Ireland’s most rugged rural landscapes and concrete suburbia.
The jewel among them is the Foyle Punt, a racing boat that only the McDonalds make. Philip and Brian McDonald are the last boatbuilders in this line.

What value does an old punt carry in the north-west, and what use is a small wooden boat like this today? Featuring Philip McDonald, and Libyan-Irish singer Farah Elle, Foyle Punt explores the unique history, craft and skill that runs through McDonald veins to imagine a new kind of future for small boats in safe harbours.

The Lost Brothers & Joshua Burnside
Culdaff, McGrorys of Cludaff

8pm – €15 / €12

There is something special about two musicians in unison, so it’s good news for everyone that the harmony-laden Lost Brothers.

Irish songwriters and musicians Oisin Leech and Mark McCausland – are back.
We’re delighted to have their first EAF date sharing the stage with one of Ireland’s brightest young stars, Joshua Burnside.