Balor Arts Centre presents

Robin B’Stard & The Water Thieves

Event Description

A hilarious water charges inspired musical comedy written by Conor Malone and directed by Caroline Bell!

Wicked King Enda has kidnapped Anna Livia the Water Maiden and all the water in the village well has dried up.

It’s a race against time for our unlikely coalition of heroes – Robin B’Stard (Robin Hood’s illegitimate, slightly less well-known half brother), Will Scarletforya, Scarecrow Mick and Friar Tourettes, with some help from Turfcutter Ming and the ancient wizard Michael D.

Can they defeat Enda and his henchmen Simon and Leo, rescue the maiden and restore the water supply before the shadowy Mr Redacted gets his water meters in place?

Remember – there’s only room for one Robin B’Stard in this town!


Event Description